87 | Customize the Category Archive Page Title


WordPress allows you to set a ‘category base’ to show in the permalinks of the category archive pages – you can set this under ‘dashboard – settings – permalinks – category base’.

However, the latest default theme Twenty Fifteen is using a function to generate the Category Archive page title – get_the_archive_title() – which simply output ‘Category’ and does not reflect on the ‘category base’ entry.
Luckily, the function applies a filter which we can use to influence the Category Archive page title.

Example of a filter function:

add_filter( 'get_the_archive_title', 'use_category_base_in_archive_title' );

function use_category_base_in_archive_title( $title ) {
	if ( get_option('category_base') ) $title = str_replace( 'Category', ucfirst( get_option('category_base') ), $title );
	return $title;

As the category base is usually all lowercase letters, the suggested code also capitalizes the first letter when used as Category Archive page title.

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86 | A Lovely Granny Sofa in Doll Size


The crafting continues … this is a comfortable doll sized sofa covered with embroidered pink silk.
Build in perfect measurements for a medium super dollfie (R) or any similar sized ball jointed doll.
It comes with three feather filled matching cushions.

For more details and how to buy it, see the ‘silkandart’ etsy shop.

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85 | Super Dollfie(R) Settee


Larger than usual, but still a miniature sofa – the perfect size for a Super Dollfie ® 13. This hand crafted settee is upholstered with nearly two yards of quality purple Dupioni Silk. The full width is over 60cm (24inch), … Check the whole post »

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