Water Filter Benefits

All processes within your cells are depending on water in one way or another. Also, your bodies are made to two-thirds out of water. So, it is no wonder that you depend on a constant supply of drinking water, and that dehydration can cause all sorts of illnesses or diseases, or can make you feel bad.
Drinking enough clean pure water
every day is so important to your health that one doctor wrote a whole book about it: ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’ by Dr. F. Batmaghelidj.

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And obviously the quality and purity of your drinking water is of highest importance. You can imagine that drinking polluted water is not going to help your body to improve its health. I am going to emphasize the benefits of drinking pure or – as it is in reality – of purified filtered water by pointing out the negative health impact of common contaminants in tap water. Although water companies are regulated and have to control the quality of the water they supply to your home, there are limits in how the water companies have to treat the tap water, resulting in residual contamination. Continue reading “Water Filter Benefits”