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32 | Finding Exact Information on WordPress Functions


According to my motto: ‘Knowledge is Knowing where it is Written’ by Albert Einstein – I like to look up the core files of WordPress where the functions are defined. What I quite often do when I come across something … Check the whole post »

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31 | Changing the ‘Read more’ in Twenty Ten Child Theme


To change the ‘read more’ text in a child theme of Twenty Ten, one needs to add a few lines to functions.php of the child theme. This procedure uses a method that I came across in an introductory article about … Check the whole post »

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30 | Alternating Posts Backgrounds for Twenty Ten


This is a short instruction how to add alternating styles to the post on the front page and in the archives of the wp3 default theme. Edit loop.php of Twenty Ten, and locate: Change this to: This will add the … Check the whole post »

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