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Some teaching promotes the idea that Chakras are energy centres of the body that connect the physical with the spiritual. They are allegedly linked to the energy channels of the spine. The seven major chakras are said to be related to hormonal glands of the body.
The Sanskrit word ‘chakra’ means wheel or disk, referring to the visual appearance of the chakras seen by clairvoyants.

The seven main chakras and their influence are believed to be:
hand painted silk chakra symbols rainbow wallhanger fionastolze silkandart
Crown chakra; Sahasrara:
location: top of the head;
representation: 1000 lotus petals;
colour: purple or white;
gemstone: diamond, quartz or amethyst;
element: thought;
gland(s): pituitary;
area of influence: consciousness.

Third eye chakra; Ajna:
location: between eyebrows, slightly up;
representation: two lotus petals;
colour: indigo;
gemstone: sapphire, lapis lazuli;
element: light;
gland(s): pineal;
area of influence: (psychic) vision.

Troat chakra; Vishuddha:
location: throat;
representation: sixteen lotus petals;
colour: blue;
gemstone: turquois, aquamarine;
element: ether;
gland(s): thyroid;
area of influence: sound, communication.

Heart chakra; Anahata:
location: in the middle of the chest at heart level;
representation: 12 lotus petals;
colour: green with pink;
gemstone: malachite, green jade, rose quartz;
element: air;
gland(s): thymus;
area of influence: love, balance.

Solar plexus chakra; Manipura:
location: solar plexus;
representation: 10 lotus petals;
colour: yellow;
gemstone: citrine, amber;
element: fire;
gland(s): adrenal, pancreas;
area of influence: will, transformation.

Sacral chakra; Svadhisthana:
location: top of pubic bone;
representation: 6 lotus petals;
colour: orange;
gemstone: carnelian;
element: water;
gland(s): ovaries, testicles;
area of influence: creativity.

Root chakra; Mulhadra:
location: between anus and genitals;
representation: 4 lotus petals;
colour: red;
gemstone: hematite, ruby, garnet;
element: earth;
gland(s): adrenal;
area of influence: survival, manifestation.

The goal of some spiritual practices is to open and energize all chakras to allow a full integration of the physical and spiritual body. One way to achieve this is supposed to meditate on the individual chakras and visualize them as opened flower blossoms glowing with their respective colors. The use of the corresponding gemstones are said to enhace this process.
The depicted image is showing graphic representations of the chakras painted in vibrant colors on silk in form of a beautiful flowing wall hanger by Silk & Art.

General advice for all spiritual practices is to set-up a sacred space or temple where you can display the objects that represent the desired goals for you. In this space you are believed to be safe and undisturbed during meditation.

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  1. Luca Richards comments:

    i also believe in pyschics because somehow the human mind can sense beyond the ordinary.:`~

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