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one million dollars, copyright silkandart

one million dollars, copyright © silkandart a source of inspirational art on silk

Good Feng Shui – an auspicious symbol of wealth – one million dollars.

An original silk painting by SilkAndArt.com; a nice must-have feature for any office and home.

Silk & Art provides individual artwork on silk, as well as wearable inspired art.

‘Silk & Art embodies beauty and luxury combined in exquisite, handpainted silk fabric.’

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17 Responses to Inspirational Art on Silk

  1. Helen comments:

    Thank you so much for the code. I’ve gone through so many different versions from different sources for adding image caption links, and yours was the simplest and the only one that actually worked smoothly. My one question is:

    How do I assign a css style specific to the caption and caption link? After I added your code to my functions.php, my captions seem to have taken on my and styles.

  2. Zack Katz comments:

    I created a plugin that has the same functionality, as well as target and rel capabilities. It’s been submitted to the WordPress.org plugin directory: Links in Captions Plugin. It uses shortcode functionality instead of the ## concept to parse the links.

    It’s not yet live on WordPress.org, so until that time, you can access the download here.

    • alchymyth replies:

      Thank you, Zack, for this clean solution.
      the syntax is so close to a html link tag, that it is quite easy to remember.

      I am going to link to it when the plugin is in the wordpress plugin directory.

  3. Rickey Earenfight comments:

    The website author has a specified skill to describe actually incredibly excellent topics. Reading this net website is truly enjoyable and you’ll locate surely a lot of excellent comments. In any circumstance, it was a pleasure to invest time with your website site and go through the exciting report.

  4. Tobi comments:

    Thanks for this mate. You have just resolved a day long problem I’ve been having with WP. I’ve also modified your code to open the link in a blank window. Thanks again mate. Keep up the good work!

  5. Burton F. Sailer comments:

    Useful post, Just subscribed to your feed.

  6. Sam comments:

    Thank you so much – this has gone into use on my WP blog immediately.

  7. Dan comments:

    Outstanding! Thank you so much for this much-needed feature.

  8. Stu Tanquist comments:

    Thank you for the plug-in – it worked beautifully!

    This is a slick way to credit the authors of photos licensed under Creative Commons.

  9. Matthew Gore comments:

    This is sooo simple and works wonderfully! I’m a photographer and have been looking for a simple way to get links into image captions for months… I’m glad I ran across this. THANK YOU!

    – Matthew Gore

  10. DK Brainard comments:

    This works perfectly. Thanks a bunch!! You might want to spread the word at http://wordpress.org/support/ People are getting crazy over there!

    Thanks again for the elegant solution. I’m gonna buy you a coffee now.

    And please come over and read your horoscope any time you like.


  11. alchymyth comments:

    hi sander,
    i have no plans to extend the plugin; i trust that the wordpress developers are going to include the link function into image caption very soon.

    for now, you could just add this ‘target=”_blank”‘ into the plugin code;
    as i’ve done here in the upoaded modified file http://wordpress.pastebin.com/m2Caw1Jb

  12. Sander comments:

    Excellent tool !! Will this options be extended with an target=”blank” possibilty ? I am very curious for that.

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  14. Amy comments:

    This was exactly what I was looking for, and it works like a charm. Thanks!

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