45 | Twenty Eleven – Overwrite the Dark Color Scheme in a Child Theme


Overwriting or customizing the dark color schem in a child theme of Twenty ten is difficult, because the dark stylesheet /colors/dark.css get loaded after the style.css of the child theme. You can duplicate the same stylesheet structure in the child … Check the whole post »

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44 | Twenty Eleven – Sidebar on Single Posts and Pages


How to add the sidebar back into the new default theme of WP3.2 – Twenty Eleven.
Twenty Eleven is a very versatile theme, however, the ‘missing’ sidebar on single posts or pages is quite disturbing for some users, loosing their advertising space or the main navigation.
To get the sidebar back is not that simple – style.css is quite complex, and the layout of a single post or page is done with a clever use of a specially introduced css class in the body tag. Check the whole post »

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43 | Posts in Columns – A New Twist on an Old Problem


To organize posts into three columns (edit: semantically more correct would be to call it ‘three posts per row’ as this is the way the posts are organized), you first need to generate a column dependant css class for each … Check the whole post »

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42 | The Death of Mystery Man


Are you fed up with the little grey mystery man or his little weird monster brothers and sisters? You know what i mean – showing up in your comments for all those without a gravatar? Give them the push and … the mystery solved … »

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