38 | Easy Coding for WordPress: Posts in 3 Columns


Sometimes it is the simple things that are hard to find. A basic structure to arrange posts into three columns: The minimal styles needed for the three columns: <div id=”column-wrap”> <?php $count = 0; while(have_posts()) : the_post() ?> <div class=”box<?php … Check the whole post »

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37 | wp3.1 – new feature – the admin bar


wordpress 3.1 has brought a few new features which might puzzle some users. one very prominent feature is the new admin bar that by default appears on top of your site when you are logged in as administrator. although the … Check the whole post »

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36 | Adsense Ad at the More Tag Position


Surprise your readers with a google ad after clicking the ‘read more’ link – a strategic position to catch the attention of the viewer and increase your revenue. Advertising does not get the same attention all over your page, as … Check the whole post »

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35 | Custom ‘Read More’ text per Post for Twenty Ten


A sophisticated way to get a custom written ‘read more’ text added to your posts in the theme Twenty Ten (or its child themes). The code builds on this article I posted earlier. It uses the custom field with the … Check the whole post »

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