22 | Highlight the post’s categories in the category list


highlighting the categories of a post in single post view is a useful trick to allow the viewer to find related posts. there are plugins available which extend the functionality of the standard category widget to do this. sometimes, however, … Check the whole post »

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21 | Playing with columns – stacking posts in a grid


a different approach to ‘grid style’ – stacking the posts in a tightly ordered grid; to get a similar design as in http://www.creativedepart.com/ – ideal to use with thumbnails and excerpts: the structure (for instance 3 columns, 4 rows, 12 … like tetris … »

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20 | Different header image for each page in wordpress


how to show a different image for each page, for instance in the header? simple, all you have to do with this method is to create an image file with the page ID as part of the image name. the … Check the whole post »

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19 | Troubleshooting wordpress themes


here is a little trick if you need to check some variables, or try something new in your wordpress theme while the site is live. use a conditional if statement to check that you are logged in as the original … Check the whole post »

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