61 | A Sidebar Template for a Page in the ‘One-Column’ Layout in Twenty Eleven


This article describes the necessary coding to create a page template with a sidebar within a ‘one-column’ layout of Twenty Eleven; the example is for a right sidebar.
Create your own page template from a copy of the sidebar-page.php template; edit the Template Name; correct the coding in sidebar.php; adapt the body_classes in functions.php; set a max width for the template. Check the whole post »

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60 | Insert the Featured Image into the Post Content with Shortcode


Somebody asked today, how to insert a ‘featured image’, aka post thumbnail, into the content of a post. Obviously this cannot be done with the usual WordPress function ‘the_post_thumbnail()’ as the php code would not get rendered in the post’s … Check the whole post »

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59 | Sidebar on the Left – Twenty Twelve


A quick fix to move the sidebar location in a child theme of Twenty Twelve; add these styles to style.css of the child theme: caveat: this simplified set of styles has some problems with the formatting of the widgets in … Check the whole post »

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58 | Show Page Title and Content of the ‘Posts Page’ in WordPress


When you set a static front page and at the same time set a Posts Page, WordPress will automatically use index.php (or home.php *) to display the Posts Page; as described in the Codex, you’ll lose the output of the … Check the whole post »

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