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72 | Alphabetize Category Posts Using ‘pre_get_posts’ Action


Occasionally you want to have a different sort order in some of the category archives, for example, you want to output the posts of a specific category in alphabetical order. Instead of having to create a category template for each … Check the whole post »

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71 | WordPress Changing Pluggable Functions Without Child Theme


A new concept (?) – to change a pluggable function of a WordPress theme without creating a child theme. Example – to remove the  post tags output from the posts of Twenty Twelve. Often, these things can be done by … Check the whole post »

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43 | Twenty Eleven – Sidebar on Single Posts and Pages


How to add the sidebar back into the new default theme of WP3.2 – Twenty Eleven.
Twenty Eleven is a very versatile theme, however, the ‘missing’ sidebar on single posts or pages is quite disturbing for some users, loosing their advertising space or the main navigation.
To get the sidebar back is not that simple – style.css is quite complex, and the layout of a single post or page is done with a clever use of a specially introduced css class in the body tag. Check the whole post »

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