Super Dollfie(R) Settee

Super Dollfie (R) settee - made to order
Super Dollfie (R) settee – made to order

Larger than usual, but still a miniature sofa – the perfect size for a Super Dollfie ® 13.

This hand crafted settee is upholstered with nearly two yards of quality purple Dupioni Silk.

The full width is over 60cm (24inch), with a comfortable seating height of 18cm (7inch).

Made to order.

This particular one was shipped on Monday, and has just reached its new owner in France.

A Silk Settee, the right size for a Super Dollfie (R) doll - also the perfect sleeping place for a Yo Monkey
A Silk Settee, the right size for a Super Dollfie (R) doll – also the perfect sleeping place for a Yo Monkey

Button Sofa in Peach Pink Silk

Fresh out of my miniature furniture workshop – a gorgeous vintage style button sofa for dolls. Upholstered with peach pink dupioni silk, curved back, soft chunky arm rests, buttoned back.

peach pink silk button settee vintage style doll size
luxurious tufted silk settee, doll sized, handcrafted
  • Size (appr.):
    • overall width: 40cm / 16in
    • seat height: 13cm / 5in
    • seat depth: 17cm / 7in
    • seat width: 27cm / 11in
    • overall height: 25cm / 10in
    • overall depth: 22cm / 9in
  • Structure:
    • visible parts: solid wood, natural or stained
    • hidden parts: MDF, solid wood
  • Upholstery:
    • foam padding
    • polyester wadding
    • pure dupioni silk covers
  • Cushions:
    • natural feather filling

Ideal companion for an American Girl ™ Doll or any suitably sized collectors’ doll.

SOLD – the settee has found a new home in Norway. We wish the happy dolls all the best and lots of joy with this georgeous sofa.

Similar settees and sofas will frequently get listed online in the ‘silkandart’ etsy shop or in the web site.


Gorgeous Miniature Sofa wt Golden Silk Cover

From my workshop:

A miniature 1/3 scale sofa upholstered with golden Dupioni silk. Soft silk covered armrests give this settee a luxurious gorgeous contemporary design look. Comes with two matching silk covered cushions, filled with natural feathers. Fits 18 inch dolls like the American Girl ® Doll, or for your favourite teddy bear.

soft silk upholstered miniature doll settee or sofa with golden dupioni silk cushiions
A gorgeous silk covered miniature settee. Soft upholstered arm rests make this contemporary sofa the favourite seat for your beloved doll or teddy baer.

Overall measurements approximately 35 * 21 * 26 cm (13 1/2 * 8 1/4 * 10 1/2 inch). Seat height about 13cm (5 inch).

Find this and similar items in the ‘silkandart’ etsy shop.