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matrixMany researchers of the human mind have already tried to explain some aspects of the workings of the mind and ego by analogy of a computer.

This holds true also for an open source program such as wordpress.

I will put it this way: the wordpress software, ie. the core program, is the subconsciousness. We know it is there, but generally we are not aware of it and don’t understand how it works. And, unless something goes wrong, we don’t really want to know.

And in a way, you could see that all the programmers and organizers of wordpress.org  as an open source software  are a kind of  ‘creator’ who is well above all and who has put all this out for us to work with. This is not unlike some interpretation of G.O.D. (greater organized design) who made us but also gave us the freedom and intelligence to change the program.

Now, there a many many thousands of blogs out there, using wordpress.org software to program there own way of expression.

What every blog software does, is to take a lot of input in (the posts, pages, articles, pictures and so) and arrange and present them in a way that is personal and special for the individual (programmer).

In wordpress, these are the php-files, such as index.php, single.php, functions.php, comments.php, and so on.

This is analogue to the conscious mind which does exactly the same – gathering input (through our senses), storing it (memory),  sorting it, and creating specific output, based on a hidden program.

The ‘sorting program’ is build upon past experiences, ways we accepted from our parents, teachers, the society, religion, and so forth.

Think of the primary output as the HTML code that is generated by the wordpress php files. If you look at that on a screen, it seems pretty ‘bland’, uniform, not very interesting.

This is where the themes of wordpress come in: they individualize the output in a way that is again personal to the individual designing them. They add the CSS styles, and make the output colorful, creative, enjoyable (or not, if you don’t like the theme).

(Look up CSS Zen Garden if you are not familiar with css.)

Again, i like to compare this to the human mind. The ego will use its ‘css style sheet’ and ‘color’ any message it receives from the mind, and will give it an individual meaning.

Just present a piece of information to a group of people and watch how they react – you can be sure to get a whole range of different reactions.

The good thing with this model is, that we have the power and opportunity to change the programs, the php files, the themes, the css at any time.

As a programmer – and we all are our own programmers ! (even if we don’t like the programming results) – you can adapt the wordpress files, change your theme, and tweak the style sheets at any time.

This is the fantastic opportunity when you host your own wordpress blog (ie. when you are an individual in control of your life), it gives you control over ‘consciousness, mind, and ego’, to stay within the model.

Those who run the free blogs on wordpress.com, on the contrary, have not this level of control. They have to use what they get offered by somebody else (ie. the makers of wordpress.com, the filter programs that filter all the html input in the posts, the providers of the free themes you can choose from, and so on). They have a limited choice of  ‘conscious decisions’, ‘ways of expression’, ‘influence’.

Sounds very familiar with real life, where the expression of the ‘masses’ are pre-programmed and limited by a small elite (tv and media, politicians, church, tradition, teachers, …).

Coming back to the beginning of this post, where I compared the wordpress software with the subconsciousness, I hold the vision that when enough conscious people (programmers) join and work together, they can change the very core programming of the consciousness, the subconsciousness of mankind – also known as ‘common consciousness’.

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3 Responses to WordPress as a Model of Human Consciousness

  1. Naveen comments:

    You’ve written a great analogy. I’d just like to add this:

    Much like everything in this world, even the conscious and sub-conscious mind is also impermanent. All are transient objects. WordPress too is no exception. It is always transient with continuous updates. The key to success is to understand this aspect so that we are not too much attached to transient objects.

    I personally faced this issue when I updated WordPress to 3.5. Several of my favorite plugins got collapsed because they did not follow the guidelines of wpdb:prepare() syntax. WordPress 3.5 took a bold decision to throw errors for wrongly used syntax. For more on this: http://make.wordpress.org/core/2012/12/12/php-warning-missing-argument-2-for-wpdb-prepare/

    So its a great lesson for me to not to get too attached to any theme, plugin or WP version because actually nothing is constant. All of these get updated one or the other day. Its best if we are prepared enough to handle the updates. Ignorance of transient objects and attachment to transient objects – both are the causes for suffering. To be prepared, one need first to assimilate the fact that change happens – be it our mind or ego or WordPress. Only then people will be open to change without any attachment and get prepared well.


  2. Riley Cooper comments:

    it doesn’t matter what religion you have, just do good and avoid evil:,:

  3. Eric Patterson comments:

    actually it doesn’t matter what Religion you may have, as long as you treat the other person right.’:;

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