WP Kubrick default theme in 3 columns

Part of my time, I am spending designing and troubleshooting wordpress themes.

3 column kubrick theme

This is my latest ‘hack’, turning the default theme that comes with every wordpress installation, into a 3 column version, with equal sized left and right sidebar columns, all dynamic and widget ready.

All functions of the default theme are fully preserved. You can still modify the header colours from within the dashboard.

All files and graphics zipped for download. A great start for learning to mod your own theme.

At last a ‘default’ wordpress theme that fills the width of my laptop’s monitor 😉

Update: horizontal page navigation below the header included.

To activate it, edit header.php and  remove the commenting where indicated.

8 Replies to “WP Kubrick default theme in 3 columns”

  1. Hi,

    My Esete won’t allow me to down load the zip, is there another link I can use?

    It also asked for a key..huh!

  2. This looks great! 😀 I have a question for you regarding my kubrick theme on wordpress but it’s much too big to explain in a comment form, would you be able to email me? 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hi Lorna,
      i recommend to join the wordpress forum for all kinds of help regarding wordpress.
      there are many supporters with different special areas of expertise that might be able to answer your questions.
      see you there 😉

  3. Hi Sean,
    thanks for the comment.

    to keep the white border around the header, start off with a copy of the existing kubrickheader.jpg, and use this in your image editor (fireworks, photoshop, gimp, ?) to integrate your new header graphic into it.
    this way you keep the size and the border with the white gradient.

    enjoy blogging,

  4. First, let me say thank you, because this is the only 3 column Kubrick layout I have been able to find. My only question is how can I modify the header to be a custom graphic. I uploaded the custom header and renamed it kubrickheader.jpg but when I do this I lose the white border that normally lines the blue Kubrick default header. Any suggestions?


    1. Hey Sean,

      Go to the image folder from the Kubrick theme, pick the header and loead it up in photoshop | Gimp | Paint etc.
      Customize the headere and replace it in the same image folder with the same name, done.

      Cheers from The Neterlands,


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