36 | wp3.1 – new feature – the admin bar


wordpress 3.1 has brought a few new features which might puzzle some users.

one very prominent feature is the new admin bar that by default appears on top of your site when you are logged in as administrator. although the ordinary viewer won’t be able to see this, for some users this bar is a little disturbing.

there is a quick fix: on the admin bar, click the ‘admin’ dropdown, then click ‘edit my profile’ – this brings you to the profile page, where you can change the setting:

Show Admin Bar
[ ] when viewing site
[x] in dashboard

now it will show the admin bar in the background/dashboard where it might come in useful.

there is also a change in the default settings of the ‘screen options’ – if you can’t find your familiar fields to enter/edit things, check the ‘screen options’ tab in the top right area of the corresponding page in the dashboard.

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